Thursday, December 2, 2010

"Double ka Meetha"

Ingredients :
Bread : 2 pieces
Milk : 500 ml
Dessicated Coconut : 2 tbsp
Sugar : 2 tbsp
Oil / Ghee : For Deep Frying
Dry Fruits - Garnishing
Kesar - Garnishing

Recipe :
Keep the bread in a tray. Cut it into round shapes with a round pastry cutter or a bowl.

Heat oil or ghee in a wok. Deep fry the bread pieces till light brown. Remove and keep on kitchen tissue to drain excess oil.

Boil milk in a pan on low flame. Boil it for a hour till it thickens. Remove from flame. Take out the cream which must have accumulated on top of milk and keep aside in a bowl. Add sugar to the milk. Cool the milk completely.

Take the cream and mix the dessicated coconut in it.

Now pour the cooled milk on the fried bread. Now apply the cream and coconut mix on the bread. Garnish with dry fruits and kesar.