Monday, December 20, 2010


This is a traditional drink made in my house during winters. Winters are more appropriate cos of easy availability of red carrots and beet. But nowadays, we generally find all vegetables in all seasons, so its your call. But I still associate it with winters. A nice spicy drink for those cold evenings. You can alter the spiciness as per your taste. However, it tastes better when it is a little spicy.

Ingredients :
Red Carrots : 2
Beet : 2
Water : 4 litres
Salt : To Taste
Red Chilli Powder : 2 Heaped tbsp
Mustard Seeds Powder : 1 Heaped tbsp

Recipe :
Slice the carrot and beet. Not in juveniles.

Take glass or clay / ceramic container. Add all the ingredients in it.

Keep it in the sun for 3-4 days. Keep in a cool place in night. Stir it well 3-4 times a day.

After 4 days it is ready to serve. You can refrigerate it after that. It will last for a fortnight atleast.

To serve it, just pour it in a glass of your choice along with the carrot and the beet pieces. Enjoy eating the pieces along the drink.


  1. Woww looks soo yummy and colourful..

  2. good one and nice colour to the kanji !

  3. wow, that sounds soooooooooo delicious and I am loving and enjoying the pic itself :)