Sunday, December 5, 2010


Its Sunday. Time for a luxurious breakfast. However, today I was in a hurry as I had to take my angel for a swim. Also I wanted to make something that my angel would eat happily, quickly and moreover to her tummy's fill. Swim makes us both very hungry. So finally I decided on pancakes. Quick and easy. And each of us likes a different dressing on our pancakes as you would see below in the pics.

I am sending this as my entry for Srivalli's Event : Kids Delight - Holiday Special

Ingredient :
For Making 4 Pancakes
Plain Flour : 150 grams
Eggs : 2
Milk : 200 ml
Butter : 50 grams
Salt : A Pinch
Dressing of your Choice : Suggestions Below

Recipe :
Take a large bowl. Sift the flour and salt in it. Hold the sieve high from the bowl so that the flour gets some airing. Now make a well in the centre of the flour and break the eggs into it. Then begin whisking the eggs - any sort of whisk or even a fork will do - incorporating any bits of flour from around the edge of the bowl as you do so.
Next gradually add small quantities of the milk and water mixture, still whisking (don't worry about any lumps as they will eventually disappear as you whisk). Whisk until the batter is smooth, with the consistency of thin cream. Now melt the butter. Spoon 2 tbsp of it into the batter and whisk it in.

Now get the pan really hot, then turn the heat down to medium. Smear the pan with the butter and make sure whole of pan is covered. Now put a ladle full of batter on the centre of the pan and tip it around from side to side to get the base evenly coated with batter. Let it cook till the edges of pancake start to leave the pan. Check if the base is cooked golden brown. Flip the pan cake over and cook the other side till gold brown. It will just take few seconds. Remove from the flame and keep on a plate.

Stack the pancakes as you make them between sheets of greaseproof paper to keep them warm while you make the rest.

To serve them, here are few options

My Angel loves to Lap up the Chocolate Sauce

Hubby dear prefers it with Tomato Ketchup

I love it sprinkled with Castor Sugar and Lime Juice

Or just roll it up and eat it by itself

Other Favourite Toppings Include

1) Melted chocolate
2) Chocolate spread with slices of banana
3) Jam
4) Golden Syrup
5) Ice Cream
6) Toffee sauce and whipped cream