Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Okra with a Twist

A twist in the tale.

Ingredients :
Okra : 500 grams
Onions : 2 - Finely Chopped
Peanuts : Roasted & Crushed 4-5 tbsp
Dessicated Coconut : 1 tbsp
Mustard Seeds (Rai): 1 tsp
Fenugreek Leaves (Methe): 8-10
Curry Leaves : 6-8
Garlic : 2-3 Cloves Crushed
Turmeric : 1tsp
Garam Masala : 1 tbsp
Salt : To Taste
Oil : 8-10 tbsp

Recipe :
Heat oil in a pan. Add okra in it. Fry it while stirring often so that it doesn't get burned. Fry it till the Okra is crisp and its stickiness is gone.

Now take 2 tbsp oil in a pan. Add Mustard seeds and fenugreek seeds. As it splutters, add curry leaves and crushed garlic. Stir it for a minute or so. Add the onions. Saute them till brown. Now add the turmeric, garam masala and salt. Saute it for a minute more.

Add the Peanuts and the coconut and fry some more. Now add the okra. Stir it well. Lower the flame. Cover the pan with a lid and cook till the okra is tender. Should take around 8-10 minutes.

Remove and serve.

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