Monday, February 7, 2011

Round-up Healing Foods - Eggplant

I know I am a bit late in doing this round-up but I just couldn't help it. Things are going on at a super fast speed in my life. I wont go in details of all the events but would definitely like to tell you all that I am moving back to India in April. I know there is still some time, but preparations have started. All you people with small kids would know just what I mean. I am going to be a bit irregular till April.

I know I am going to miss lot of amazing recipes posted by you all, but I will try my best to keep track.

Now coming back to the topic on hand. I want to thank all you guys for sending me such amazing recipes and making my event such a big hit. Thanks Siri for letting me host it.

Here are the wonderful recipes I received.

Dips :

1) Ramya from Hot from my oven

Baba Ghanoush

2) Hasna from Kachuss Delight


3) Amy from Savoury Moments

Roasted Eggplant & White Bean Dip

4) Sadhana from Sensible Veg

Eggplant Raita

Starters / Snacks :

1) Sonal from Palate Corner

Toasted Vegetable Sandwich in Turkish Roll

2) My entry

Mixed Platter Of Fritters

Main Course :

1) Sayali from Spice Mantra

Bengan Masala

2) Krithi from Krithi's Kitchen

Ennai Kathirikkai Kuzhambu

3) Akheela from Torview Toronto

Eggplant Curry Stuffed With Coconut

4) Ila from Cookery Point

Eggplant Biryani

5) Satya from My Innovative Kitchen

Eggplant Masala Gravy - Vankaya Masala Kura

6) Honeybee Cooks Jackfruit

Eggplant Rice - Vangibath

7) Anita from Eat n Stay fit

Baingan Fry

8) Gayathri from Gayathri's Cook Spot

Kathrikkai Puli Kulambu

9) Nivedita from Nivedita's Kitchen

Kaap (Shallow Fried Brinjal)

10) Harini - Jaya from Tamalapaku

Fiery Eggplant - Roasted Eggplant in Sweet and Sour Sauce

11) Siri from Cooking With Siri

Hyderabadi Bagara Baingan

12) Ambika from Ambika's Kitchen

Eggplant Mushroom Roast With Peanuts

13) Hasna from Kachuss Delight

Patlican Kebab

14) Savitha from Savitha's Kitchen

Baingan Ka Bharta

15) Jaleela from Samaiyalattakaasam

Egg Bringal Pulikiuzampu

16) Priya from Bon Appetit

Baingan Ka Bharta

17) Jayasri from Samayalarai - Cooking Is Divine

Stuffed Small Brinjal

18)Sangeetha from Recipe Excavator sends in the recipe for amazing Brinjal Dry fish Gravy. The recipe can be found on the link. However, she doesn't have a picture.

19) Priya from Easy & Tasty Recipes

Eggplant and Sprouted Moth Beans Masala Rice

Eggplant and Jackfruit Seeds Curry With Peanut Spice Powder

Eggplant and Snakegourd Sambhar

Eggplant Masala Paratha

20) My entries

Baingan Ka Bharta

Eggplant Fry

Stuffed Eggplant

Few recipes from Sivaranjini, my non-blogger friend :

1) Brinjal Poriyal
brinjal 1
small onions 3_4
garlic 1 clove
curry leaves
gingelly oil 2 tablespoon
salt to taste
tumeric powder
pepper 1 teaspoon
cummin 2 teaspoon pepper and cummin should be powdered

in cooking vessel add gingelly oil
oil heated add brinjal pieces and salt
cover with lid stir occasionally
few minutes later add small onions and garlic
let it cook well
later add tumuric powder and pepper cummin powder
when it come to final stage add curry leaves

2) Brinjal Curry
brinjal 1
ash pumkin 150g
jack fruit seed 5_6
carrot small 1/2
capsium small 1/2
garlic 2 cloves chopped
green chilles 3 split lenthwise
coconut milk 4th extract and 1st extract

For Thalitham
2teaspoon gingellyoil
2 red dry chilles
curry leaves

in cooking vessel add brinjal pieces
ash pumkin cubes
jackfruit seeds cut into pieces
carrot cut in to small cubes
capsium cut into small pieces
green chilles
and add 4th coconut milk extract and salt
cook for 6 to 8 minutes
then add tumeric powder and pepper cumin powder
when its fully cooked add1st coconut milk and cook for 2 minutes
in a small pan add gingelly oil add onions dry red chille pieces and mustard
when onion is slightly golden brown add curry leaves swich off flame add thalitham to brinjal curry.


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